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React Native Developer


$3,500.00 $2,499.00

Hire a professional React Native developer with extensive experience. Develop apps are easy to develop and easy to maintain and cost you less in the longer run.


  • At least 3 Years of professional experience
  • Well versed in ES6 and other latest Javascript developments.
  • Understands technologies like Webpack and Babel.
  • Understands Continuous Integration.
  • Can work with Git,
  • Well versed latest software development tools techniques and methodologies.
  • Understands Test Driven Development.
  • Understand Agile Development.
  • Excellent communication Skills.

React Native is a framework for building native iOS and Android apps. It was developed by Facebook and immediately gained popularity. Today along with proprietary solutions provided by the two major mobile platforms React Native stands tall as a preferred app development framework. Parts of facebooks own app, Instagram and other apps like Page Manager and Ads manager are entirely build up using the React Native framework.

Companies like Tesla, Bloomberg, Pinterest and Uber have also started using React Native as a platform of choice for building their applications.

React Native enables developers to use one code base and build apps simultaneously for both iOS and Android platforms. Hence cutting development time in half and also reducing maintenance costs by half. React Native is a popular choice amongst developers who have web development experience as it uses JavaScript as a programming language with CSS for styling.

You can read more about React Native here.

You can hire a React Native developer to boost your app development process and get both your iOS and Android apps developed in the price of one.

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at least 3 years of experience, knowledge of latest software engineering tools and techniques

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