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Front End React JS Developer / Month


Hire a Javascript developer with extensive experience with Facebooks React framework. Give your application development a boost build applications for the next decade.


  • 2-3 Years of professional experience
  • Well versed in ES6 and other latest Javascript features.
  • Understands technologies like Webpack and Babel.
  • Well versed in HTML and CSS and related advancements.
  • Well versed latest software development tools techniques and methodologies.
  • Understands Test Driven Development.
  • Understand Agile Development.
  • Excellent communication Skills.

React JS is a front end javascript library that enables developers to build high performant SPA(single page applications) with easy and reliability.
The popularity of React has skyrocketed in recent years. React JS is one of the top skill that is in demand. There are far more jobs available on Stackoverflow for React JS than any other skill. Companies are on the lookout for top talent for React JS, in fact there is more demand then the supply of skilled programmers.

Front End React JS developer is not only well versed in latest version of Javascript but is also well versed in other front end web technologies like HTML 5, CSS, LESS, SASS and bootstrap.

You can leverage React JS in your product today and build a truly future proof product that will stand the test of time by being reliable, scalable and maintainable.


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